Course Guidelines

Welcome Parents

Hi, I am Lilo! I will be guiding you through this course. Nothing hurts more than seeing your child being bullied or even being a BULLY. In this course, we will bring you through a 5-step journey on guiding your child to deal with bullying effectively. We strongly recommend you to follow the step in order to achieve an optimal outcome:

STEP 1: Introduction

Here you will understand how this course works to help your child manage bullying.

STEP 2: Understanding Bullying

In this step, you will educate your child about bullying. It is important to educate your child about what exactly is the action of bullying. Sometimes children don't even know they are being bullied or even when they are being a bully to others. You will also have the chance to uncover your child's experiences or even encounters with bullying.

STEP 3: Learn About The Types of Bullying

Here, you will help your child recognise different types of bullying. By being able to identify the types of bullying, your child can accurately employ the skills that they will be practising throughout this course.

STEP 4: Evaluation

Next you will learn to identify whether your child is being bullied or is a BULLY. It is important to understand not all children are victims, there are some that become the aggressor. Hence identifying this early is important in choosing the right approach to manage it.

DISCLAIMER: Lilo and Friends strongly believes that no child is born a bully however they may become a bully due to emotional stress. Lilo and Friends deploys psychometric quizzes to identify is your child a BULLY or is a victim of bullying.

STEP 5: Dealing with Bullying

The final step is to guide your child on how to deal with bullying, and put it into practice. Your child will then be able to apply the skills in real life scenarios. We employ different approach to help children who bully and children who are bullied. If your child is being bullied, he/she will learn to manage bullying positively. If your child is the bully, this course will help to improve the bullying behaviour.

What to expect?

By the end of this course, you will be able to see improvements in your child's emotions and behaviours:

  • Your child will be more open to talk about their feelings
  • Your child will be able to sleep better
  • Your child will complain less about discomfort, stomach aches or headaches
  • Your child will be throwing less tantrums
  • Your child will be less worried, and more cheerful
  • Your child will be able to understand others' feelings better
  • Your child will be showing less aggressive behaviours